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Utah Universities to receive millions due to passage of Energy and Water Appropriations Bill

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With the passage of a federal energy bill, more than $24 million will be heading to Utah colleges and universities.

Along with several other projects state and nationwide, the 2010 Energy and Water Appropriations bill, which President Barack Obama signed Oct. 15, is intended to deliver more efficient energy systems and clean up water sources, making them more beneficial to communities.

The bill sends $10 million to Utah State University to further efforts to develop technology focuses on energy-efficiency, renewable and alternative energy, carbon sequestration and carbon-free energy sources. USU also picked up another $600,000 to integrate river science research to restore Utah streams and rivers to their proper functioning conditions.

The University of Utah will pick up $11.5 million to utilize energy resources in the Uintah Basin and surrounding areas for the production of safe, clean fossil energy, and for the Energy and Geosciences Institute at the U., which is working with partners to commercialize the generation of power using enhanced geothermal and solar heat by making use of high-powered computer simulations."As the lead Republican on this appropriations bill, it was my goal to craft legislation that would promote a balanced energy plan for our country while reining in spending in certain areas," said Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah.

Southern Utah University is getting $1 million to ensure the new Walter Maxwell Gibson Science Center makes use of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and green building strategies.

"We have worked hard to make a compelling case that SUU's track record in preparing hard-science students for graduate and professional schools is second to none," said SUU President Michael T. Benson. "This federal support will enable us to make the new Gibson Center even better for our faculty and students."

Westminster College will also receive money to help complete a new science building, and $900,000 in federal funds will help the college purchase and equip the new center with energy-efficient, Gold LEED-certified technology.

Of the entire $34.4 million bill, Utah came away with a number of projects fulfilled, Bennett said in a statement.

"This bill also signals Congress' recognition of Utah as a leader in energy research," he said. "Utah's universities continue to achieve great success in their ongoing search for creative, groundbreaking solutions for our energy needs."



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