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April 25, 2009
We, the Cache Democrats, promote and support effective implementation of good local government based on principles of the Democratic Party.  These principles were put forward by our founder, Thomas Jefferson, who in his First Inaugural Address placed first among the essential principles of government “equal and exact justice to all men, of whatever state or persuasion, religious or political.” He first stated these principles in the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
Cache Democrats believe that effective government will always be a government “by the people.”  To achieve this end, citizens must be fully informed, frequently engaged and honestly represented by servants who adhere to these foundational American principles.  The public trust can be maintained only in an environment of transparency, with the actions of government open to all.  Our platform is to champion Democratic principles locally in Cache Valley:
1. OPEN GOVERNMENT: All actions taken by government, and the discussions and debates leading to those actions, must be made in legal meetings open to all.  No discussion of any item should occur in a closed caucus where a majority of those voting on the item are present.
2. FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: It is morally wrong for the current generation to put costs of its excesses on future generations.  We support a balanced budget for local and state governments.  Taxation must be balanced with maintaining the necessary functions of effective government, with those functions determined and sanctioned by the people.
3. ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY: All persons deserve a job that fairly compensates them for their labor. We support strong, locally-owned businesses that provide jobs and services to the people of Cache Valley. We support increased emphasis on high-technology, environmentally benign business development.  We support the creation of new jobs, raising income levels, and retaining our youth in Cache Valley. We support alternative transportation opportunities, and thoughtful county, regional, and city planning. We believe that economic stability and sustainability is an achievable goal for a democratic government. 
4. QUALITY OF LIFE SUSTAINABILITY: We believe that indifference to the natural beauty of Cache Valley is rapidly eroding the high quality of life its people have enjoyed.  We support alternative transportation opportunities, and thoughtful regional, county, and city planning.  We believe immediate action must be taken to preserve farmland, ensure open space, improve air quality, secure wildlife habitat and maintain water quality. 
5. PUBLIC EDUCATION: People’s rights are most secure when everyone is afforded a good education and encouraged to become well-informed.  We believe that Utah children deserve high quality education and that public education should receive the highest priority in funding within our state.  We oppose vouchers or other mechanisms that would divert public funds from the public schools and into private institutions.

6. HIGHER EDUCATION: Utah State University uniquely endows Cache Valley with a special role in higher education.  The university helps develop and maintain a high quality labor pool, which in turn keeps the Utah economy viable.  Research universities develop innovations that lead to higher-income jobs in a sustainable economy and to new businesses.  We believe increased support of higher education in general, and Utah State University in particular, will lead to a more stable economy in Cache Valley and the State of Utah.

 7. PROTECTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS: A basic tenet of democracy is protection of the individual from excessive government action.  We strongly support the rights of individuals to “be themselves” – to differ from societal norms, to openly practice their beliefs and to maintain their values provided their actions do not violate their neighbor’s rights.  We will work to maintain basic human rights in Cache Valley.
8. PROVIDING BASIC SERVICES: In a civil and sustainable society, all persons must have basic health care, freedom from hunger, and adequate, safe housing in order to become productive members of society.  We strongly support private and public programs that advance the efforts of individuals to provide themselves and their families with these basic human requirements.
Cache Democrats invite anyone who embraces these principles to join our effort for better government in Utah.  We welcome those registered as Green, Libertarian, Republican, or other parties to join our movement and unite behind our principles.
This platform makes public the principles of the Cache Democrats, and our vision of the government of Cache Valley.  As Jefferson said, “I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves....I hold it certain that to open the doors of truth and to fortify the habit of testing everything by reason are the most effectual manacles we can rivet on the hands of our successors to prevent their manacling the people with their own consent.”  We will select candidates and work for the election of servants who will implement the principles of democracy.
Cache Democrats support the principles of the Democratic Party.  We join with the National Democratic Party to “…affirm our faith in the greatness of America. We recommit to the ideal of a people united in helping one another, an ideal as old as the faiths we follow and as great as the country we love. To those who are threatened, we pledge protection; to those who are victims, we promise justice; to those who are hopeless, we offer hope. And…for our country we say: your cause is our own.”
We encourage debate and open exchange of views about how those principles are applied. As Jefferson taught, “Every difference of opinion is not a difference in principle.”  We assert and encourage the right to modify and choose according to our own interpretation of the principles of our Party.