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ANNUAL JEFFERSON-JACKSON AWARDS DINNER AND AUCTION Last Updated on 2012-03-01 19:19:42 The annual Cache Democrats Jefferson-Jackson Awards Dinner and Auction will be held on Friday evening, April 13 at the Logan Golf & Country Club.  SAVE THIS DATE AS THE DINNER WILL HAVE A VERY EXCITING NEW FORMAT.  MORE INFORMATION TO FOLLOW . More »
CACHE COUNTY DEMOCRATIC PARTY CONVENTION Last Updated on 2012-03-01 00:00:00 The Cache County Democratic Party will hold its convention on March 124 2012 starting at 8:00 AM .  The convention will be held at Logan Highschool Little Theater. All caucus delegates, attendees and interested Cache Democrats are welcomed.    More »
2010 County Convention Page Last Updated on 2010-03-29 00:00:00 2010 County Convention Schedule *This page will be updated as additional information becomes available County conventions are held to nominate local candidates and to select state delegates.  In less populated areas, counties may choose to hold their caucus meeting and convention simultaneously. If you are from a county which chose to hold the caucuses and convention simultaneously, there will not be another convention until the State Convention on May 8. Please find below the date, time and location for your county convention. If information for your county convention is not provided, please call Bryan Murray at 801-328-1212 ext. 211 or Justin Daniels at 801-328-1212 ext. 210.  We will be updating this page regularly as county parties provide details for their conventions. If you aren't sure anyone in your area or in your county is organizing a convention and would be... More »
USU researcher responds to Rep. Herrod Last Updated on 2009-11-29 00:00:00   There is an old adage in statistics that states: "All models are wrong. Some are useful." First articulated by George Box, a rather famous statistician, it reflects agreement among those who use statistics to model everything from business to economics to engineering to biological systems that error exists in any and all modeling exercises. This includes, naturally, climate forecast models. But it also includes the types of models that Rep. Chris Herrod, R-Provo, used to posit rather large increases in Provo electricity bills were a cap-and-trade program, one of several approaches being considered to reduce climate change impacts, actually implemented. So I return Herrod's question back to him: "Where's the 'science' behind the dire estimates of $2,500-$4,000 annual increases in energy costs for Provo households? Assuming Herrod obtained his figures from a frequently cited... More »
Utah Universities to receive millions due to passage of Energy and Water Appropriations Bill Last Updated on 2009-11-24 08:37:29 With the passage of a federal energy bill, more than $24 million will be heading to Utah colleges and universities. Along with several other projects state and nationwide, the 2010 Energy and Water Appropriations bill, which President Barack Obama signed Oct. 15, is intended to deliver more efficient energy systems and clean up water sources, making them more beneficial to communities. The bill sends $10 million to Utah State University to further efforts to develop technology focuses on energy-efficiency, renewable and alternative energy, carbon sequestration and carbon-free energy sources. USU also picked up another $600,000 to integrate river science research to restore Utah streams and rivers to their proper functioning conditions. The University of Utah will pick up $11.5 million to utilize energy resources in the Uintah Basin and surrounding areas for the production of safe, clean... More »